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Transform the Narrative; Embrace Your Life
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Everyone has a story and everyone's story matters. At STORYOLOGY we believe that the "study of story" is a great place for personal transformation to begin. We take a collaborative and creative approach to assist clients in understanding that it's not only what happens to you, but but the story you assign to what happens, that continues to shape your life.


We all struggle with fear, shame and anger to some extent and some seasons can cause greater struggles - you know, when no amount of lavender oil or Brene Brown quotes will do! When life becomes a daily dance with anxiety, codependence, and fatigue, and you feel like you are battling the same life lessons again and again, it's time to transform the script that's navigating you.


Imagine what it could be like to live with love, joy, and peace. What if you had support to build your life your way? Our program for adolescents and adults, Journey to You, was designed to do just you develop healthy rhythms and routines, based on your uniqueness, so that you can break free of limiting beliefs and patterns. 


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

Storyology was designed to provide opportunity, for both children and adults, to experience the freedom and strength that comes from reconciling their stories. With strategies taken from Narrative Therapy, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, and Attachment Theory, our programs take a holistic approach to personal growth, addressing three centers of intelligence, IQ, GQ, and EQ.

Our youth program, Little Lotus Lifebooks program, takes a proactive approach at laying a foundation of preventative mental health in children. It has been especially useful to children whom have experienced the "hard places" such as adoption, divorce, and childhood grief.

Created by Susan Killeen Jones, a licensed professional therapist and adoptive mom, this program has been instrumental in creating 'felt safety', enhancing parent-child connection a developing a family culture of open communication.


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Susan Killeen Jones is a Coach trained as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified TBRI Educator, Enneagram Practitioner, and REALIFE Facilitator. She specializes in supporting resilience in both children and adults that have experienced the "hard places" that often come with the journey of adoption, foster care, divorce, and other childhood challenges.

Susan has over 25 years of experience as both a Clinician and mother to five children. She knows both the joys and challenges of developing resilience and confidence from a place of personal experience and is grateful to come alongside others in their journey.

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 Personal Coaching


One-on-one online consultation designed for parents, or adult-children, seeking transformation

and personal growth.

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Journey to You


Coaching Series

This 4 Week Program was created for teens and adults who want to overcome their limiting beliefs and embrace a growth mindset.

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Coaching Program


Coaching Program  designed to assist children

ages 7-12 in

reconciling their life story narrative.

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Little Lotus Coaches


One year program for qualifying members seeking training in the Little Lotus Lifebook programming through individual and group learning.


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Little Lotus Lifebooks 


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A Book for Parents

"You can't take a child on the path you have never traveled." -Karyn Purvis. RELENTLESS is a study for those called to love a child from the "Hard Places" designed to take parents on a journey toward building resilience through personal awareness and spiritual growth. ($14.99)

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"Susan has a God-given gift of connecting with children and parents, helping them navigate through hard questions, difficult behaviors related to trauma, and the thick of the trenches. Without fail, Susan walks my daughter and I through our questions calmly and with consistency, always providing little nuggets of wisdom that are invaluable."

Deanna Chapman

Susan's work has tremendously impacted this season of my life. Her genuine care and persistent work show in all she does. I am grateful to have found her. I know what I have learned will continue to impact me in life-changing ways.

McKensie Davis

"After my child's traumatic experience, Susan was the first person I called. Her calmness and knowledge grounded me. With her help, I was able to navigate my emotions and care for my child in a way that could help us both heal. I absolutely recommend her services for any parent trying to better understand their child's behavior and emotions!"

Sara Doenges

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