The Love Bravely Program

Every girl has a story and every girl's story matters. It's not only what happens in life, but the meaning we assign to what happens that shapes our identity and sense of self-worth. I wanted to design a program that creatively looked at one's story while integrating the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions surrounding it.


This 8 week program is designed to help girls, of every age, fully embrace their story in a way that honors connection and creative expression. I am happy to work with you one-on-one through coaching or invite you to join the Love Brave Community on facebook where we explore our stories together. 


I have also put together some resources to assist parents as they work this program at home with their children. You will find them listed below.  

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I am going to teach you how to connect with your child and help her create a Lifebook while gaining skills for labeling feelings, articulating needs, and reducing stress. Skills that will help her grow to enjoy life as her authentic self!  

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I've created these products to assist you in helping your child build emotional literacy and gain skills for stress management. Simply download by clicking the icon at the top of each image. 

Tools for You

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