Finding Real

Becoming Your Authentic Self 

This 6 part MasterClass utilizes Enneagram-Informed Care to assist clients, ages 13+, in authentic growth and personal development.


The online chapters include:

  • Identifying Current Coping Mechanisms

  • Nine Ways to See the World 

  • Understanding Authentic vs. Adaptive Qualities

  • Recognizing Somatic Experiences

  • Harmony Solutions

  • Gaining Vision for Your Real Life!

Also included in this package:


  • Personalized Enneagram Assessment

  • 2 Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Multiple Handouts & Resource Guides

What is the Enneagram you ask?

The Enneagram is an ancient tool that reveals the way in which a person views themself and the world. I utilize it to help a client gain self-awareness as well as strategies for building resilience and qualities of their authentic self.

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