My Story

I am a first-born child born child who experienced the divorce of my parents and a major hospitalization the summer before Kindergarten. Both of these events occurred during a time when neither was discussed or supported. A very sensitive child, I remember deciding from my hospital bed that I wanted to grow up to "keep people company when they were hurting." I didn't know what that job was called but I knew that visiting hour was the only thing that made my stay there bearable.


I grew up and obtained my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Counseling Psychology and did both of my practicums with hurting children. Later, I would give birth to two children and adopt three more through International Adoption. Though I had been trained and even worked as an Adoption Educator, I found that I was ill-equipped to meet the needs of my children.


I came to understand that much of what I was experiencing was connected to my own childhood pain as well as my misunderstanding of my role in my children's healing. Today I am grateful and humbled to share lessons learned as I reach out to 'keep others company' in their journey.


My Approach

I believe that when childhood involves some level of loss and trauma it must be recognized and honored for healing to occur. I also acknowledge that childhood loss and trauma impacts every family member and other issues often surface under such stress.


My approach is Attachment-Oriented and based in Trauma-Informed Care. I utilize strategies from TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) as well as Narrative Therapy. I believe in the importance of caring for the mind, body, and spirit and utilize MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) in assisting clients with stress management.

Much of what I do is proactive in nature, believing that honesty paves a path of preventative mental health in children. With respect to development and emotional readiness, I take a creative approach to validate a client's experience and sense of inherent worthiness.

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